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Elaborating on Shrink Sleeve Packaging Process

We all have heard of the shrink sleeve packaging and the shrink labeling process. We also are aware of the way it is contributing to the branding and labeling segment while also working as a sustainable packaging. The shrink sleeve packaging process includes steps that are highly advanced and efficient in the automotivepackaging industry today.

Let us check the steps to follow for the shrink sleeve packaging process.

The Best Products to get Shrink Packaging

If you process or manufacture jams, jellies, and beverages and usually use glass jars or bottles, you can go for shrink sleeves. Finding the right bottle or pack for your products is significant. You can consult companieslike Samy Group. We offer bottles from the various materials. You can contact our sales executives and request for the samples.

Get a Design and a Sample Print

If you are already sure of the content and the graphics on the sleeve, you may opt for digital printing. The cost is low, but it will be essential for you to see how the design looks. Everything you can see if you are going for flexo printing, gravure or digital printing. The shrink sleeves labels cost is affordable thanks to the designers’ techniques.

Ask for Dieline

Once the prints come, you go for measuring the dieline. It will help you get a fair idea for future prints, and you can make further design and content laying out as per this. Place the barcode vertically and not horizontally when the dielineis put in a tube after removing it from the master roll.

3D Proofing and Impression

Now comes the time when you got all your apt design ready and are finally going to print. However, thanks to the 3D technology, you get to see how it looks once it comes out. Make sure that you do not zoom the image and the sizes you see on the computer’s 3D image will be a mere zoomed copy. Inreality, it will be smaller. So take a mentalnote to adjust it as per that.

Correct the Points and Redo a Shrink Label Test

If you are convinced, go for a test and see if the shrink label has come out well. Furthermore, see if there are any measurement errors. You may also opt for reversible printing just in case you crave to make it more durable.