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Shrink Sleeve label

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Overview /

A shrink sleeve is reverse printed on a thin film. Reverse printing is a mirror image printed on the inside of the sleeve, with white printing last. The benefit is being scratch-resistant, with no need for lamination or a protective coating. This specially formulated film shrinks horizontally when hot steam or heat is applied to it. 

Advantages /

  • Tamper Evident​

  •  360º Design​

  • Shelf Appeal 

  • Affordable Prototypes 

Print Option /

Rotograver Print
  • High-quality solution with excellent reproducibility

  • First class design outputs

  • High-speed printing process above 150-200 m/min.

  • Our maximum printable width is 800 mm.

Application /

  • Food & Beverages

  • Chemical

  • Pet Care

  • Personal Care​

  • Cosmetics 

Specification /

  • Film Material Used in Shrink Sleeves. (PETG, PVC and PLA)

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