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How Multilayer Packaging Can Help The Environment?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Multilayer packaging has been around for quite some time. Earlier, the production of these multiple layers was different from what we see today. Likewise, the materials that the producers used in the past were also different.

Previously, the packaging industry used aluminum foil and cellophane linings randomly. However, later, with further researches, care to the technology, and chemical reactions in the food or products inside, new changes came up. Today, multilayer packages are sustainable and that is what we are going to see how.

Protecting the Environment

Protect the goodness of products

Whether it is packaged or processed foods, unless it remains intact in the package, it goes into waste. In order to reduce such wastage, thankfully companies are seeking solutions from packaging suppliers. These firms are offering turnkey solutions to keep food fresh and durable.

Low wastage

A product not going to waste often reduces the way it fills the composting pits. It is therefore, effective in increasing the ROI of the food and product manufacturing companies.

Stylish packaging styles

This multi-layer packaging comes in various styles, and one can package anything from liquids like shampoos, hand-wash, edible oils and even dry powders.

The Modern Multilayer Packaging Solutions

The small sugar sachets or shampoo sachets are not just cute and handy. They are common and the technology that goes to create these is keeping the environment and waste reduction factors in mind.

These multilayer pouches have strong exteriors and are resistant to heat and cold while also extending the shelf life of the contents. In fact, they have less impact of the environment making it very much in demand.

The middle layers are ideal for protecting the contents from any gas or light and can be of Nylon, Polyethylene, Ethylene Vinyl alcohol, or other. The food contact layer keeps the food fresh at all times and can be of LLDP or LDP materials.

The multilayer packaging can reduce the carbon footprints by a great margin. Talking of the additional attributes of seals, caps and zipper techniques, one can package dry and liquid products safely today in multilayer packaging.

The flexible packaging industry uses two layers of thermo plastic and non-thermoplastic lining. There are at least three layers of multilayer films for packaging any product


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