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Exploring Shrink Wrap Variants and their Uses

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Shrink Wrap is a popular term in the world of commercial and retail packaging. However, the usage of the sameis extended to other heavy industries as well. They are made using polymer alternatives, which can safeguard the material from logistics and natural damages. With the likes of the healthcareindustry to courier service agencies using a reasonablenumber of shrink wraps, here are some of its variants and usages.

Shrink banding over bottle
Shrink banding over Industrial bottles

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are a commonly used variant, especially in the retail packaging department. They are popularly used for packaging and labeling in bottles and packets. With lower shrink rates, the printing alongside the package is not distorted. For a brand, shrink sleeves promisea full-round designable area of the package to make an attractiveview for the purchasers.

Shrink Banding

Shrink banding is a variant, where the banding is designed in the form of a seal, wrapped while packaging of products like healthcare items. From the packaging perspective, they are innovative means of shrink-wraps, which comes with easy to use perforations. Shrink banding comes in varied sizes and are customizable for different product shapes and sizes.

Shrink Wrap Bags

These bags are popular in large-scale industries to be used as pallet bags, made in the form of polyethylene shrink wraps. They are highly useful for cargo consignments and stable enough to hold a largenumber of boxes.

Shrink Bags

Shrink bags have a design, related to regular carry bags. They are made using PVC, which makes the durability and sustainability to extreme conditions and heat.

Centerfold Shrink Wraps

These are perhaps the most used forms of shrink wraps in the retail shopping industry. Being easily folded and rolled, they make the item stay in shape. These materials are made using PVC and Polyolefin, which are known for their tolerance.

Shrink Tubing

Shrink tubing is nothing but a continuous rolling form of a shrink sleeve. With this form of shrink sleeve packaging, items in the shape of cylindrical or conical forms can be sealed without any noticeable damages over the product.

Shrink Wrap has great utilities in the commercial markets allowing some of the top brands and retails to choose them over many others for packaging purposes. With newer changes, they are here to stay for a good time. You can check out multilayer packaging, sustainable and shrink wrap packaging solutions from the trusted companies like Samy Group.


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