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How Shrink Sleeve Packaging can Help in Sustainability of Your Product

The waste that goes out to the environment is nothing new. However, we do our best to control it. We are looking at methods to curb the carbon footprints and trying to recycle and reuse. Not all methods are effective, and this is something we agree unanimously too. When businesses look at the best sustainable packaging options, we think of reusing old cans and recycling the plastic. But that is not the best and the only solution in hand. There are loads of other ways a new-product manufacturer can look at for the product packaging.

Shrink sleeve is the best solution for covering up the entire container or packet or bottle in such a way that the manufacturer can use the entire body for promotion. These sleeves in PVC or PETG can add to the beauty of the plain bottle and make it saleable. To start with, the manufacturers paste them by using heat and not adhesive.

Plenty of Space to Appeal

The manufacturers and the designers can use the 360 degrees of the packaging to display every little thing they want to inform the end-user. Today’s end user will want to know every little thing, and that should interest him to buy that product. If he does not like it, he will not buy it. The designers, therefore, find this scope immensely helpful. The shrink sleeve labels cost is also within the affordable range. Hence, the manufacturer can create newer designs and implement them. The reverse printing option adds more value to the printing tooffering the designers the freedom to pick and use the interiors for putting in promotional tidbits.

Durable Option

Sustainability is possible if you focus on keeping the products safe for consumption for long. The bottles or packages have a really long shelf life and that only adds to the value and the cost-effectivenessfor the manufacturer. They can just redo the design and pass them through digital printing or gravure or even the flexo printing as per their budget, and a new shrink sleeve is ready.

From sachets packaging to packaging soda, or even the jams and sardines, shrink sleeves have become synonymous to sustainability. Just make sure to check out Samy Group for their range of packaging solutions that keepsustainability as a prerogative. We offer designing and printing services of BOPP Wrap-around, multilayer packaging and flexible packaging to say a few.


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