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What We do 

Consumer Packaging

We are driven by the desire to produce top notch packaging solutions our customers will fully appreciate. To this end, we develop and produce quality packaging solutions including flexible plastic-based consumer goods packaging solutions.

Using state of the art printing and processing solutions and a combination of skilled man power, We are able to offer unique quality packaging solution services to some of the world’s biggest brands. Together with our overwhelming market position and culture of product innovation, we are able to establish a strong platform for growth.

With us at your services, you can finally communicate with your customers, extend shelf-life and improve end-user conveniences, thanks to our innovative printing and packaging solutions.


That’s not all, we also produce high-quality laminates and barrier materials on reels using a variety of printing techniques. We also offer a wide range of tailor-made converted flexible packaging that can be customized to your product needs.

When it comes to offering premium quality printing and packaging solutions that will convert, you have to give it us, as we strive daily to ensure we deliver a printing and packaging solution that sets your products apart from those of similar competitors.

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Consumer Packaging

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