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Flexible Packaging

Attractive and Convinent packaging for consumer industry

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Overview /

Sachet or pouch pack are an exceptional form of flexible packaging that are created from multiple layers of aluminum, plastic and other materials. With this, they are able to secure the product from physical or environmental hazards and are able to lock its freshness for a long period of time.

Advantages /

  • Tamper Evident

  •  Affordable

  • Eco-Friendly 

  • Customizable

  • Preserve Quality

Print Option /

Rotograver Print

  • High-quality solution with excellent reproducibility

  • First class design outputs

  • High-speed printing process above 150- 200 m/min.

  • Our maximum printable width is 800 mm

  • Applicable on various types of materials or substrates (e.g. OPP, PET, CPP or PE)

  • Food based Products

  • Tobacco based Products

  • Home/ Personal Care Products

Specification /

  • Available in all material combinations (e.g. with SiOx, EVOH or OPA)

  • Depending on the requirements, solvent or solvent-free adhesives are used for laminates with up to five layers

  • Special solutions such as cold seal application, double-sided printing and laminates are available

  • Sterilisation and vacuum packaging are part of our standard product portfolio

Application /

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