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Printing Technique

Rotogravure Printing

With the continued advancement in technology, quality printing and packaging solutions are now readily available for brands looking for quality printing and packaging that sets their products apart.


 Every brand out there is looking for that eye-popping printing and sleek packaging that adds some touch of class to their product.


We have invested in amazing rotogravure printing machines that delivers premium quality printing and packaging solution you’ll be proud of.


 When we say this premium quality, printing machines has been manufactured using top-notch components and innovative technology that are designed to make the process of printing and packaging a stroll in the park.



Paint Swatches
  • Spots a simple modular printing station which is complete and easy to use when needed.

  • To achieve that extra fine registration that no doubt improve the quality of printing, this printing machine has a specially designed compensator roll with a secured ball screw.

  • Also, its impression rollers have been uniquely designed to deliver an even application pressures when working on a substrate.

  • To deliver a high speed drying that makes this printing machine stand out from others, this machine spots a  close type single side drying oven together with a special type one and one type counter flow arrangement.

  • It also boast of a highly reliable individual control panel at each station. This makes it easy to control all electrical and pneumatic system.

  • To achieve that extra fine registration that no doubt improve the quality of printing, this printing machine has a specially designed compensator roll with a secured ball screw.

  • Auto Registration Control System that works both horizontally and vertically.

Why Rotogravure? 
Technical Specification

Although, there are many types  of printing technology in the market currently, nevertheless, rotogravure printing has earned its place as one of the best printing technology on the market currently and that’s all thanks to some of the top-notch components and technology used to produce it.


One of the exciting things about this printing is not just the fact that it holds an aesthetic value which is great by the way, the overwhelming part is that it also delivers an incredibly brilliant solution that makes printing and packing easy and absolutely worth it.


With lots of businesses looking for quality printing and packaging services, this printing technology have helped us deliver printing and packaging of impeccable quality to our clients.

With rotogravure printing machine becoming popular by the day, thanks to the quality of printing and packaging it delivers, we have taken the bull by the horn by ensuring we use this machine to deliver the best printing and packaging solutions that set their products apart.


 All our three rotogravure printing machine boast of a maximum web width of 800 mm. with an operating speed of 200 meters per minute while delivering printing and packaging in 8 colors. For brands looking for quality printing and packaging, that gives them lots of options for their products.


While our printing machines no doubt spots features that are uniquely designed to make printing and packaging of the highest quality, there are some other optional attachments that make our machines deliver a flawless result. This attachment ranges from ink circulation system to video scope to automatic registration control and 7 drive with turret system. But that’s not all, it also boast of a powerful lubrication system, a PID control with exhaust and drive controls and also PLC base functions with auto slicing technology.

Printing Technique

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