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There is no exaggeration that out of about 30,000 new products launched every year; only 20 to 30% of the products are able to withstand the onslaught of a fierce competition. Though in certain cases, the product may be good, it does not take off because the packing has not been utilized for the marketing purpose. The attractive packing makes the product visible and tempts the buyer to go for it. No doubt, the captivating packing enhances brand awareness of the product.


Captivating Packing


In the stiff competitive world, it is difficult to gain a foothold unless your packing stands out in the countless brands flooded in the market. You can even make quirky patterns with appropriate stylization regardless of the paper or plastic packaging, which would draw the attention of a viewer.


Tempt the Viewer


The name of a product should be short, easy to pronounce and displays the features prominently on the packing. The color combination, font size and the texture used in the packing should be impressive, which make the viewer irresistible for purchase. A maximum of five seconds of time is sufficient for a viewer to attract the attention.

Demographic Impact

You need to study the demographic impact in opting for a specific packing. If necessary, you may have to customize the packing for different regions and locations to attract potential viewers to go for it.

Brand Identity

The impact of a brand on the consumer is huge. Many customers opt for a new product just by the brand name. You should be able to take the best advantage of cognitive call, display the logo strategically and prominently so that the viewer can never miss the brand.

Effective Packing

Impressive or attractive packing does not make it expensive. Though the packing is simple, it could be low-cost packing. You should ensure that it stands out in the crowd of products the viewer has access to. The packaging supplier would suggest alternatives you can opt for.

Highlight eco-friendly

The research study concluded that about 50% of people prefer environmental-friendly products over others. With a view to tapping the sentiments of the eco-consciousness of customers, you can highlight the environment-friendly feature on the packing, which is a sure-shot method to push the sales.

Vital Information

Another set of customers who are very nutrition-conscious look for the nutritional value of the products. You can display this prominently especially on the food packaging so that this sentiment can convert the “cat on the wall’ customers into potential buyers.​

How Can You Take Advantage of Packaging in Marketing the Product?

"The impact of a brand on the consumer is huge. Many customers opt for a new product just by the brand name."

Published: 19th Oct 2018

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