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Doy Pack

Flexible Packaging

Attractive and Convinent packaging for consumer industry

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Overview /

Doy Pack also known as Stand up Pouches, contains anything from candy to soup to detergent to pet food, this popular packaging format is designed to stand alone unassisted and differentiates itself from typical flexible packaging bag styles for that reason. 


The Doy Pack is its own billboard, providing a great canvas for marketing and having much greater shelf visibility than packages that must lay flat. This stand-up pouch is loved by manufacturers and consumers alike because of its convenience, functionality, and pleasing aesthetic properties. 

Advantages /

  • Striking Pack Design

  • Canvas for the Brand to convey their Message

  • Shelf Appeal 

  • Light weighted 

  • It can stand by itself

  • Ability to have resealable options like zippers

Print Option /

Rotograver Print

  • High-quality solution with excellent reproducibility

  • First class design outputs

  • High-speed printing process above 150-200 m/min.

  • Our maximum printable width is 800 mm

  • Applicable on various types of materials or substrates (e.g. OPP, PET, CPP or PE)

  • Nuts, Candy and Snacks.

  • Liquid Packaging ( Home Care and Personal Care )

  • Pet Foods.

Specification /

Our pouches are available in various material combinations. The main material substrates used are PET, PE, OPP, CPP, OPA, and aluminium and metallised films. Depending on the requirements concerning enhanced barrier properties, materials such as SiOx and EVOH can be added to the laminates. Thanks to the excellent barrier properties of these materials, an extended shelf life of up to one year can be achieved.

Application /

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