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Consumer Packaging

Digitalization, Shift in Demographic Pattern and

Environmental Concerns are main factors that bring new Trends in Printing-Packaging Industry.

Nowadays, consumer and customers are looking for Trendy, Innovative and Sustainable packaging solutions. We stay ahead of those trends with our knowledge and experience.

Stayin' in Touch

With Trends


It’s all about Convenience, especially when it comes to Food, House-Care and Personal-Care products. Shift in Demographic pattern is an important factor when it comes to setting trends. For example, reseal-able and small portion packaging are preferred in Smaller-Single household.

User Friendly

Easy to open, hassle free packaging are the new trends driven by the older as well as young generation. Packaging features like easy-open strips, pouring spouts, handles and being light weight are simply more practical- for consumer of all ages. 

On The GO

Emerging economies which are experiencing real GDP growth and consumer good market and Life in every part of the world is becoming fast-paced, call out for ‘on the go’ packaging solutions.


Brand Manufactures faces tough competition in the market and always seeking for solutions that make their product stand-out and look different from their competition. We offer sophisticated printing-packaging solutions that helps with Brand recognition and appeal for the consumer.


For us, sustainability is very important, glad that ‘we are not alone’. The rise in conscious consumers has pushed manufacturers towards more sustainable products and improve the sustainability of manufacturing process. This demand is mirrored in new trends like Lightweight packaging, Flexible packaging, and recyclable-reusable packaging. 


The Trend of Switching from rigid to flexible packaging, is the trend that have touched many costumers. Flexible packaging is naturally lighter and technological improvement have made it more durable and sustainable. Our flexible packaging solutions can help reducing packaging as well as shipping cost.

Light Weighted

Whether it’s a short walk from the Supermarket or long distance shipping, trend of light weight packaging not just benefit end user it also helps manufacture to reduce transportation cost and save significant amount of energy, our flexible packaging can hold up against the toughest conditions. 

Stayin' In Touch

With Trends

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